Christina Hembo: Owner & Designer

What makes the brand Christina Jewelry and Watches stand out is that behind the brand there is a real person, Christina Hembo in her role of Chief Designer, founder and co-owner of her company.

In 2000, Christina moved to the London, and by the time she moved back to Denmark she earned a Masters Degree in design from The University of the Arts London. During her time in London, with Claus (her husband and co-owner)  she set up a small but successful company.  By 2009, now a mother of two children, Christina’s company grew significantly, with stockist all over Europe and other parts of the World.  Her success brought recognition, she was commissioned to design and produce two ROYAL watches that were presented to the Queen and Prince of Denmark.  Christina was further recognised by being awarded with three Danish Awards; Female entrepreneur of the year 2008, Growth Adventurer of the year 2009 and female Business Owner of the Year in 2010 making her a household name in her country.

Having driven the company to be the leading brand in Denmark and with the brand selling in a number of European countries and across the world, Christina shares her time raising her children, her philanthropic work while still being hands on designing every new collection and co-running her company with her husband.

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